Qt 4.5 for Embedded Linux: Fluid Launcher Demo

After a lot of messing around i cross compiled the mini2440 kernel (massive thanks to buserror) , the Angstrom Linux distribution and Qt 4.5 for Embedded Linux. I was impressed by how quickly the demos run, check out the video below  if you’re interested:


When i get some time  i’ll post up some more information on how i got this to work.

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  1. Hi.

    Any chance you could place the complete Qt4.5/Embedded binaries with Kernel 2.6.31+ on your site so that we can use it with our mini2440 systems. If so, it would be much appreciated.

    Cheers. Grahame

    1. Hi Grahame,

      I’ve got instructions for the Qt build ready to post but i want to check they work first. I will look into hosting the binaries.


  2. Your post has come at the right time. I am also trying to build QtEmbedded for FriendlyARM/Angstrom using Ubuntu as host and Angstorm toolchain. Even though I got Qt Embedded all built but as soon as I get to build demos/examples or my prorgrams build chokes at linking:
    /home/pankaj/qt-embed-arm/lib/libQtCore.so: undefined reference to `_dl_hwcap’
    /home/pankaj/qt-embed-arm/lib/libQtCore.so: undefined reference to `__dlsym’
    /home/pankaj/qt-embed-arm/lib/libQtCore.so: undefined reference to `__dlopen’
    /home/pankaj/qt-embed-arm/lib/libQtCore.so: undefined reference to `__dlclose’
    /home/pankaj/qt-embed-arm/lib/libQtCore.so: undefined reference to `__dlerror’

    Will wait for your post to see whats that I am doing wrong.


  3. Hi,

    nice youtube video and very nice Qt performance! I have the mini2440 with 7″ Display running Angstrom and Qt Embedded 4.5.3 but performance still sucks 😐 Do you have any experience with the bigger Display? I switched from jjfs2 to ext2 (ro) – performance becomes better but the Fluid launcher Demo is still not running smooth. Any suggestions?


    1. Thanks! although it could certainly use some editing the idea was to show how smoothly the qt demos run on the mini2440. Unfortunately I don’t have the 7″ version so i can’t help. I keep toying with the idea of getting one but i can’t justify the extra cost at the moment! Interesting point about the file system. I might have a play around with that if i find some free time! Cheers, Doug

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