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The creation of two physicists turned software engineers, we love nothing better than wreaking havoc through the software community. We’ll be posting a whole lot of nonsense as we make our way through the murky depths of embedded development and sharing our experiences along the way.

So look out and remember that extreme caution is advised when viewing or, heaven forbid, running any of our code. We cannot take responsibility for anything we post on this site.

Wild Bill and The Big D

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  1. hello

    For school we need to make an linux device driver using SPI for the mini2440.
    We have linux with kernel 2.6.32 running on our mini2440 platform but can not cross compile our own
    device driver for it. We can cross compile a driver for kernel 2.6.29 but when we try to start the mini2440 with that kernel it doesn work.
    So now we are trying with openembedded.
    Now we don’t really know how to make a linux device driver that uses he io ports of the mini2440 and
    how to cross compile it for openembedded. Can you help us a bit with an example or so.


  2. cordial saludo
    querido andahammer, teniendo en cuenta con los buenos aportes que has compartido en tu blog, estamos muy interesados en saber si podriamos contar con tus experiencias con la mini2440, ya que nuestro grupo de investigacion quiere lograr, utilizar la mini 2440, con el fin de que se puedan visualizar señales electricas en la pantalla de la placa, actualmente tenemos las señales digitales que vienen de un conversor ADC, y nuestro primer reto es tratar de que la placa adquiera estas señales, por medio de algun puerto de la UART, y tratar de procesarlas dentro de la placa, nos seria de gran aporte tu experiencia con el desarrollo del acelerometro que se encuentra en tu blog, esperamos confirmes si podrias colaborarnos con el desarrollo del proyecto.
    en espera de tu pronta respuesta.

    cesar david revelo
    ing. electronico UDENAR

  3. Hola David, que ADC se utiliza? Estoy más que feliz de compartir el código fuente para el acelerómetro y la aplicación Qt. Voy a tratar de publicar este fin de semana. Perdón por la demora. Saludos, Doug

  4. Hello
    I’m a german student. In this semester i have to program an android app that communicates with the Bushido ergotrainer and show you some data at the android phone. Android programming and Ant+ are absolutely new for me. At first i installed some apps like ipbike, what is compatible to the Bushido (information from tacx Homepage). But it doesn’t work. Then i found your homepage. You programmed a compatible app that gives you information like cadence or bike Speed. I installed the cyclismo app on my sony xperia s but didn’t get any data.
    Have you any idea, why it isn’t working?

    I would be pleased if you may help me with this Project.

    Many thanks in advance, kind regards

    • Hard to say exactly why it isn’t working. Could you email me the logcat output? ( will at cowboycoders.org).

      Also, that release doesn’t reflect the current state of the code – let me know if you want me to build an updated version. At some point I added a feature to log the ANT+ communication (which is enabled in settings and outputs to a file on the sdcard) – this may be worth checking.

  5. Hi,
    I’m looking for a way to get the data send from my PC to my i-genius brake.
    Apparently your investigation may help me , how do you spy the data ?
    Thanks you

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