Building Angstrom for the mini2440 with Fedora 15

Here’s a quick update for anyone struggling with building Angstrom for the mini2440 on Fedora 15 (probably also relevant for F14).

If you’re using BusError’s original repo then follow the OE instructions as normal, then you can use this guide if you want. As mentioned you’ll need to downgrade patch. I also had to downgrade make due to some incompatibility.

yum downgrade patch --releasever=12

yum downgrade make --releasever=13

At first i had some error about the GPG key so i downloaded them for F13 and F12 from here. You can install them like this, for example:

rpm --import E8E40FDE.txt

Then, you’re good to bake.

If you want something bleeding edge you’ll need to get your hands dirty, OE has changed a lot recently!

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